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WOW! This cleared things up for 14 people

Posted on December 29, 2013 in Blog, Nutrition Blogs | by

Hi Guys

The Team and I were overwhelmed (and happy) with the incredible response we are getting about the 21 Day Detox FAQ. 14 more people signed up as a result!!

We’d love to know why because we want to make sure we’re offering programs that people really value…21-day-detox-cover-PMF

Doing a detox (a proper one) is so important for your health, and here are a few reasons why….









FAQ #1:  Do I have to be a current client of Mason’s Fitness or Birchwood Family Fitness?

Answer:  No.  🙂  We have several past and never-been clients joining us.

FAQ #2:  Do I have to drink some weird concoction that tastes awful?

Answer:  NO!  This isn’t about blasting your system and spending your weekend on the toilet.

The 21-Day Detox is more of what is termed an “elimination diet.”  The idea is to pull out certain foods that are both addictive and toxic to your body.  That’s not to say you can’t ever eat them again.  No, we just want to give your body a break so it can heal itself internally.  When that happens we see people lose incredible amounts of weight and see huge bursts of energy!

FAQ #3:  Do I have to take any extra supplements?

Answer:  NOPE.  You should already be taking at least a good multi-vitamin, fish oil and a probiotic – that’s just good nutritional sense.  As for the 21-Day Detox Challenge though, there are no supplements required.

FAQ #4:  What can I eat?

There are plenty of delicious, everyday, common foods that you can eat.  if you join the recipes package you get access to 100’s of awesome recipes ay or via or  that you and your family are going to love!  Tracy has been fortunate enough to be the guinea pig – she’s a pretty happy camper!  🙂  The other day we had an amazing chicken dish, and tonight we’re testing out the “Spicy Birgers” while we watch a film!

FAQ #5:  Why are you only charging £19.99  or £34.99 with access to the

Yes.  I’ve had this one alot.  “If the program is so great, why is it so cheap?”  Honestly, there are three reasons:

  1. The 21-Day Detox is VERY DIFFERENT from what most of our clients have ever done before; probably, you, too.  We didn’t want to scare anyone off with a price that was more in line with the value (£49.95 – £99.95)
  2. We REALLY want people to experience this.  We’ve had such amazing results with it, that we want all of our clients and readers to get the same results.
  3. Honestly, for our members it’s a great service add that will give them great results and keep them coming back.  And, for non-members it’s a great service that shows the value of what we do here at Masons Fitness and Birchwood Family Fitness.

FAQ #6:  What’s the catch with the prize?

LOL.  There isn’t one.  The only “catch” I suppose is that you have to book your classes or Personal Training session in advance.  Fair enough?

Hopefully, I answered YOUR question and eased any hesitation you may have with joining us for the 21-Day Detox Challenge.

If you still have a question, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Seriously, we want YOU to do the detox with us.  Even if you just do it for the knowledge.  The “challenge” part is totally secondary in my opinion.  I just added that in for an extra fun factor.  🙂

P.S. – We’re going to do the Detox Workshop on the 12th of January at 12pm  so don’t let not being able to attend hold you back you can askthe team Questions through out the coming week and get weighed, measured, photo taken so you don’t waste time on Saturday as you need to go shopping and your cupboards should be empty of all your Christmas junk.

 Register NOW

…and remember, we’re offering a money-back, satisfaction guarantee! recipes










Stay Fit Stay Well      

Paul Mason DIP, IMPT, FMS