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Total Loser 5 – Registration Opens Today. Start your Resolution now!!

Posted on December 15, 2013 in Blog, Bootcamp, Fitness Blog | by

total-loser-collage2Hi Guys

We are now taking Bookings for  Total Loser 5, it  starts on Monday the 6th of January

Do you want to be part of the ULTIMATE weight loss & fitness program in Warrington. if so we will personally coach  you for 4 weeks and  show you how to make weight loss easy  and fun…so YOU can experience incredible life-changing results!

We’ve had TREMENDOUS success with our weight loss/management programs the last 3 years, and they just get better every time.  Sarah Groves said the Total Loser program she did  “changed her life!” dropping 3 dress sizes in 4 weeks.2013-10-03 22.59.19


P.P.S. – It’s one thing to hear the information or even know it.  It’s another to understand it and learn how to apply it.  That’s what coaching is all about… But we are in an industry that is littered with promises of instant results and magic bullets.

We all know who won the race between the tortoise and the hare.

Are you falling into the trap of acting like the hare and expecting immediate gratification or are you building a healthy body steadily, each and every day?

If you’ve been reading my blogs and emails consistently by now you know…

  • Fitness is a lifestyle
  • There is no magic pill
  • Consistency is key
  • Success is in the journey

So, why do we often fall for the false promises of immediate gratification?

Well, successful people DON’T.

Successful people do the things that compound over time, but you wanna know a secret?  How about three?

  1. Successful people follow a PROVEN path
  2. Successful people hire coaches
  3. Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people

There is No magic pill that would provide instant results, but as past participants will tell you on Total Loser we will help you by giving you the knowledge, skills and support you need to give yourself a big boost to start with and keep you moving forward until you reach your goal.

Happiness and success need to be pursued.  Pursue them with steady and consistent effort…and ask for help when you need it.  That’s what we are here for!  🙂

During this 4 week course you’ll discover how to develop the Key Weight Loss Habits that make long-lasting weight management possible – meaning LOSE THE WEIGHT AND NEVER GAIN IT BACK…EVEN WITH YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE!

The Total Loser program starts on the 6th of January at 6.00am and It will run Monday to Friday 06.00am t0 07.00am for 4 weeks, your instructors will be Chris and John will support and Guest apperances by myself.

The pre course breifing will be on Sunday 5th of January this is mandatory requirement to enrol on the program.


We’re opening registration for Total Loser 5 Today and closing it on the 5th of January. Call me today on 07960 231178  to reserve your spot.