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The Denise Hendry Foundation

Posted on April 17, 2012 in Partners | by

Denise was born July 1966 in Dundee, Scotland, where she met her future husband Colin. Colin was in the early days of his professional footballing career when the couple married and moved to Blackburn.
They had four children and eventually moved to the Fylde Coast in 2001 where they enjoyed their settled life in Lytham.

Denise underwent a liposuction operation by Gustav Anniansson in April 2002,… when it went horribly wrong and she was left fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Preston Hospital.
After 6 months of recovering, Denise continues with rehab and physiotherapy and even had to learn how to walk again. Although, the operations were far from over.
Over the years, Denise had to endure more corrective surgery until in 2007 another blunder left her with a poorer quality of life.
Being fed intravenously and illeostomy bag, she was restricted to everyday activities and left almost housebound.
She then needed further corrective surgery from which she contracted meningitis and died in July 2009.
Denise’s Charity will be the foundation for a clinic in memory of Denise especially for individuals and their families who have had struggles physically and emotionally after surgery.
A rehabiliation unit will be for those who need support physically.
A therapy unit will be for those who need support emotionally.
A friendship circle where they can meet people who have had similar experiences.
Professional help for those who need to know where to turn next, whether this be more surgery, the correct path of surgery or even post-surgery aid in your own home.