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Specialist Dietitian

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Iona is passionate about helping people improve their health, feel confident, and boost self-esteem through managing their weight. As a registered dietitian, her advice is always founded on research as to what actually works, and is medically safe, balanced with understanding the need to be realistic in a busy world! Iona has worked with a vast range of adults, and children, who want to take control over their weight, and their food choices – be that for their general wellbeing, or to manage a medical condition.


Qualifications and professional membership

  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • PGCert Weight Management
  • Registered dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Member of the British Dietetic Association
  • Member of DOM UK (Dietitians in Obesity Management UK)
  • Member of Dietitians Freelance Group

Iona also holds qualifications in fitness (levels II and III) and introduction to counselling skills (level II), which support Iona’s understanding of these relevant areas.


Child and family nutrition

Iona’s introduction to the field of family nutrition began in the USA, before she qualified as a dietitian, where she gained experience teaching nutrition on a residential weight loss programme for children and teenagers. She enjoyed helping young people learn in a positive and relaxed environment, and finding ways to make learning fun. Several years later, she continues to take a family approach to tackling childhood obesity, and is an advocate of the whole family developing a healthy lifestyle.

Iona knows that there is no formula or quick fix to growing healthy and active families. Iona is skilled at helping families develop fresh habits, learn new skills and understand nutrition science in a way that the whole family can relate to. Families sometimes find it hard to know how to talk about health and weight with their children, but Iona has worked with many families and understands how sensitive this subject can be.


Corporate wellbeing

We often hear the saying ‘a healthy mind requires a healthy body’. Nowhere is the effect seen more keenly than in the workplace. Iona is able to advise employers on workplace strategies for healthier eating. The focus of workplace wellbeing will depend on the nature of the business, and the needs of the individual staff, but as many people spend a large amount of their time at work, and socialise with colleagues, the workplace can be pivotal in helping employees develop and sustain healthy habits. For example, healthy canteen meal choices, the provision of healthier snacks and drinks, and promotion of key nutrition messages to staff.


Looking after your weight for wellbeing

Losing weight and shaping up – for some people it can be about looking good. But it can also be about feeling confident, about being healthy. It might be about having more energy, or investing in your long-term wellbeing. Iona’s commitment to you is to help you find ways of becoming – and staying – slimmer and healthier. It’s not about lists of do and don’ts – it’s about developing tools, skills, and strategies empowering you to manage your own weight.


Medical conditions and weight management

For some medical conditions, managing your weight effectively can be one of the most important strategies in protecting your health. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and high cholesterol are among the many health conditions often better managed by losing extra weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is also known to reduce the risks of developing some illnesses, such as diabetes and some cancers.

However sometimes people with a health condition may struggle to lose weight, if they are less mobile, or are on some types of medication, or just because there can be a lot of information to absorb. With experience of helping people with a vast range of medical conditions, Iona can provide sound and sensible advice and support specific to your health condition, helping you manage your weight safely and improve your health.



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