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Sports Massage

One of our main goals is to ensure that our clients benefit from improving their overall function (movement), stay injury free, enhance relaxation and well-being, and minimise any aches and pains they may suffer from. This is not only achieved by correcting balance through a structured training programme but also through offering the benefits of massage therapy.

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage has benefits to both athletes and non athletes and regular sport massage can help individuals prevent injuries which otherwise could be caused by overuse. With a build up of muscle tension individuals might experience stress on ligaments, tendons, joints and the muscle itself. Sports massage can also contribute to flexibility and strength alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation

If the client has been suffering with a more localised pain or ache in a muscle soft tissue release can be used. Soft tissue release is applying pressure to the muscles while it is being stretched. This technique helps correct muscular imbalances, including the area(s) that have been injured and scar tissue if the muscle has any. The application of pressure during a stretching routine is communicating to the nervous system and re-programming the muscle so to speak.

There are muscles within the body which are difficult to stretch. In fact most of us suffer from areas of tightness (weakness) that we are unaware of until receiving a massage. Or some of you may experience tightness in specific areas but are not too concerned…. However it is important to listen to early warning signs and this is where sports massage can make all the difference.
Massage helps reduce back pain and neck problems that can arise due to being in a seated position all day developing postural dysfunctions. Additionally, massage after or during an injury is essential for the quickest rehabilitation and to avoid recurrence. It also helps break down scar tissue and improve movement helping injuries to heal.

It’s also a perfect way to relax and release the stresses of everyday life.

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