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Corporate Team Building Events


If you want to do something that little bit different for your  corporate team building event this year, something that will re-light your 279teams fire, promote healthy competition and truth be known  cause a bit of excitement, then I can recommend the Paul Mason team building day as a must!

I thought it sat well with our company which promotes healthy eating in schools and colleges, as Paul Mason does an excellent presentation about nutrition, however no matter what business you are in, we all can learn something new from Paul.

Then the fun began  with our group being split into teams to compete against each other, in all kinds of exercise sessions that anyone of any ability could do, the guidance from the personal trainers meant everyone was at ease and no-one was left on the side lines. The exercises were fun and teams had to work together to achieve results, and one particular exercise included a very popular toy from the 60’s!!

Here are some of the comments from my team:

“Friday was a great day.. I picked up a lot off the guys with regards to what to eat.

I found out I’m eating the wrong types of food and that’s why I’m not losing any weight”

One team member came in 80’s style gym wear as a forfeit for not achieving his targeted sales and said

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the day apart from my obvious hindrance with my gym gear on the day!! Thought the day was really informative and great fun; as we speak I’m on day 3 of my no wheat diet so I’ll see how long I can bear no pasta”

I highly recommend this as a great way of promoting team work, everyone thought it was great even the people who initially had a little reservation about exercising in front of their colleagues.  The nutritional advice is good for everyone .  The sessions promoted teamwork and motivation, and it is something a little bit different you can offer your team!


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