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Home Training

Personal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them on schedule. We recognise that every client is individual, and we know that every client requires a bespoke programme to achieve their goals.

We at Paul Mason Fitness recognise that people are complex and not simply a collection of bones & muscles to hit with an exercise regime. We all have good days & bad days, we lead complex, busy & challenging lifestyles to which health, �well being & fitness needs to fit around. Our own personal characteristics & history make each one of us unique with a body that is the single most amazing machine ever created. You already know the benefits of regular exercise and we can provide a bespoke programme for you, that work . To achieve this there is nothing that motivates and focuses you like a one-to-one or small group personal training session.

We bespoke fitness training services in our various gym and Spa locations, local amenities or at your own home, all our trainers are highly experienced, advanced level 3 & 4 trainers with the knowledge and expertise to take you to the next level regardless of whether you are a beginner, seasoned exerciser or sports person. More than that, theyare enthusiastic, experienced and genuinely committed to the success of all Spa members.

We know that Personal Training is not just about having someone with you in the gym, it is about having someone guiding you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training inside and outside of the gym, your diet, your lifestyle and all support services to ensure that you are in full health. No large classes which allows our trainers to focus on one thing……… you and your results!.

We offer a wide range of training disciplines and methods to ensure that your interest is high and your body and mind is always being challenged and stimulated . Following your initial Physical Analysis session, your Trainer will develop your bespoke plan of Training. Designed to be progressive and challenging, the plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.

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