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No Time to Exercise? Think Again!

Posted on February 18, 2013 in Blog, Fitness Blog | by

Busy at work or with family commitments, here is a very simple way of exercising and feeling great.

  • You only exercise 1 movement pattern per day for 7 minutes
  • You split the 7 minutes into 5 minutes for strength and the 2 minutes for endurance
  • You only exercise Monday – Friday and take weekends off

Here’s an example:

Monday (Squatting)

Single Leg Squats (8 reps each) – 5 minutes

Yoga Squats (no rest) – 2 minutes

Tuesday (Pushing)

Hindu Press Ups (8 reps, rest 15 secs) – 5 minutes

Pike Press Ups (min rest) – 2 minutes

Wednesday (Lunging)

Double Lunge (10 reps each) – 5 minutes

Heismans (no rest) – 2 minutes

Thursday (Pulling)

Band Rows (12 reps each) – 5 minutes

Sprawl to Pike (no rest) – 2 minutes

Friday (Deadlifting and Core)

Single Leg Deadlift (8 reps each) – 5 minutes

Up and Down Dogs (no rest) – 2 minutes

You can get a lot done in the 7 minutes. 

Feel free to change the exercises or add some extra load if you want.

Why not give these quick workouts a go for a few weeks. They are a great way to build a daily exercise forming habit.