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Paul Mason Fitness specialise in designing and delivering personal training and bespoke health, fitness and wellbeing solutions for our clients in Cheshire

paulmasonfitnes-resultsDiscover the secrets you won’t find in a magazine or get from most trainers about how to get that lean, toned physique and how the ultimate mix of functional training, strength training and bodyweight exercises gets you so lean fit and strong, so fast – it’s scary

You are guaranteed to drop a minimum of one clothes size in just four weeks! Improve your PB or get that 6 pack, we can help whatever your Health, Fitness and Well being needs.

We will also offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you follow our advice and don’t get results!
Which other personal training company or gym gives you such a confident promise?

Join the thousands of clients who have transformed their body like Terri right

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  • Paul Mason Position: Director / Senior Personal Trainer Year of Birth: 1965 Services: Personal training, Sports Fitness, Functional Training, Weight loss, Body Tranaformation, Body Building, Kettle bell Trainer, Strength Conditioning, Olympic Lifting coach, Powerlifting, Nutritional Advice & Guidance, Smoking Drug Alcohol Cessation and exercise prescription, Qualifications: Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3, Personal training Diploma level 3, Wright Foundation GP Exercise referral level 3, Crossfit ... Read more
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