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What is Warrior?

When we think of a Warrior straight away many of us think Military and services personel and whilst i have had the Honor and privilage of knowing and working with many warriors during my time in the Army and the Prison service, i also know many other service personel in the Police and Fire service. However i have also come across many people that are not service personel that i feel evoke the true spirit of what being a Warrior is, because in essence being a Warrior is a mindset.

A Warrior is someone who is committed to their principles and beliefs,a person who is not afraid to challenge their fears, self doubt and negative mindset that may limit them as a person. The best example of a non military warrior i can think of is a parent who no matter what is unflinching in the relentless trails and tribulations that is being a parent. Whether that is working 16 hour days to provide for their family or the unyeilding giving of time, love, support sometimes at the detriment of self. Parents that do anything to help their children live a better life, so whats the big deal you say?  I say that there are plenty of parents who dont!!

Living like a Warrior means conquering yourself, your fears, doubts and negativity and becoming a Master of yourself, becoming a master of your own destiny and taking full responsibility for your Life.

Training like a Warrior means working to your limits in an integrated functional and in many ways primal in nature. Military training fulfils all these criteria, it is simple awesome in its functionality and develops an inner steel of confidence in your own abilities. Martial arts training also develops the same qualities by focussing on attention to detail, hard work, dedication and determination to overcome what might be danger, to be mentally and physically ready for combat breeds that inner steel that can benefit in so many other areas of our lives.

Many of the concepts and beliefs of a  true warrior or warrior training are integrated into the way i train and the systems i use with clients, whether they are a sports person, athlete, services or simply someone who wishes to get fit strong and healthy.

If your ready to work harder than you ever have before, and push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of give us a call, we will develop the skills and attributes in you that will make you a true warrior.



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