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Circuit Training

When most people hear the words Circuit training they are filled with thoughts of dread and memories of school or that class you tried once that nearly killed you!! If your interested in getting in shape but are afraid to even contemplate Circuit training then just ask yourself  the following questions?

  • Do you want to get in shape?
  • Do you want to lose weight? Have you been doing hours of endless cardio training and classess and still cant drop those last few pounds.
  • Are you a weekend Warrior or a competitive sportsman or women looking for that performance edge?
  • Do you feel skinny and want to put on lean muscle weight rather that bodyfat.
  • Or are you simply overworked ,stressed out  and dont have the time to spend hours in the Gym.

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then Circuit training may just be the thing that you have been searching for all these years!!

What is a Circuit?

Quite simply a circuit is a series of exercises performed consecutivley, the exerciser moves from station to station or exercise to exercise, the exercises  usually alternate upperbody to lower body.

Is it the same as Interval Training?

Interval training involves bursts of high intensityexercisefollowed by a rest period or active recovery of a lower intensity movement or exercise. Interval training is normally involves a single type of cardiovascular repeated for a set period of time, distance for a predetermined number of exertions. e.g. a sprint on a bike followed by a slow pedalling.

Rational Basic Concepts and Benefits

Circuit training combines strength training with cardiovascular fitness. A circuit can be designed to to focus purely on strength however i design my circuits to work on multiple levels focussing on strength endurance or power endurance, which i feel works for the general population that want to get fit to lose weight and get fit oand for athletes and sports conditioning wanting to gain an edge.

A circuit should be designed with a functional and athletic approachbased on athletic conditioning principles. Whilst most trainers use a variety of equipment in circuits i feel that a client must first be able to handle their own bodyweight, afterall why lift weights if you cant lift your body.

A well designed functional training circuit should upperbody and lower body movements in different movement plains, i.e. rotational and lateral movements. It is also desirable that a mixture of exercise modalities be used, i.e. olympic lifting,plyometrics,functional training,power lifting,interval training,tabata.

If your looking for time effective results driven fun kick butt workouts which increase conditioning in strength ,tone and fitness then circuit training is what you have been looking for.


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