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“You dont have to be Great to start but you have to start to be Great! 049

We at Paul Mason Fitness know that exercise is not just physical it is mental and emotional.We have over 30 years experiance at getting people of all levels and abilities fit.

We all like to think that we are fit but answer these questions.

  • Why ? are you bored with your routine.
  • Why?  is your Personal Best or your Body shape not changing.
  • Why?  are you not getting stronger, faster, tougher.
  • Why?  are you not losing that fat.

So we ask you, are you truely the fittest you can be?.

How? Personal training is for you if are interested in weight loss, feeling fitter, achieving your health and fitness goals, through enjoyment, motivation and great results so get started on your own road to successful training.

LOOK at the BENEFITS . . .

  • When you work out with a personal trainer you will stay keen and motivated.
  • The key to achieving your goals including Fat loss is through effective training.
  • Tailored fitness programmes designed to meet your expectations and objectives whilst fitting around your personal commitments and lifestyle.
  • Motivation to enjoy exercise through fun-packed training sessions.
  • Understanding principles of exercise and nutrition.
  • Sustained fat loss and enhanced appearance leading to increased self-confidence.
  • 100% Money backed Guaranteed Results!

Is it for you? Do you want to;

  • lose Fat?                                                                              
  • recover from injury?
  • improve your sporting performance?
  • be motivated?
  • look and feel great?

Is it just for young people?

NO! As we get older, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain health, mobility and energy

Working with Paul Mason Fitness means results whether it’s Personal training, small group personal training, small group  classes, Boot camps or ant other service at Home, Cottons hotel and Spa or Birchwood Family Fitness means affordable training for everyone so stop wasting time and call us now,.

Contact Paul Mason by registering your details in the contacts section and we will start to help you, change your life.

We look forward to hearing from you soon


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