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Is Your Metabolism Broken? How can you fix it?

Posted on June 16, 2012 in Nutrition Blogs | by

It’s true, there are three things you could be doing (along with
99% the rest of the population) …
DAILY, that are killing your
metabolism and tripling the rate your body is being forced to store

On top of that, these “Metabolic Killers” actually damage you on a
cellular level to the point that your body is unable to release stored
body fat for energy. However, you should know that…  

It’s NOT Your Fault!!

Prepare to be SHOCKED!…  and read this entire
article because you’ll learn the foods to avoid, and more importantly,
how you can easily (and automatically) fix your broken metabolism. 

Here are the 3 “Metabolic Killers” that may be sabotaging your
metabolism and your body! This first one is a deadly cocktail…

1. Caffeine combined with sugar. Soda .. sweetened caffeinated tea …
and flavored coffee – all of these drinks have the deadly combination
of caffeine and sugar. Here’s the problem… (and why you should care)

Caffeine can cause a short-term insulin-insensitivity right when you
need insulin to work the most – when there’s extra sugar in your
system. If your cells are insensitive to insulin, your body will need to
pump out more and more, which equates to greater fat storage.

Even worse, studies show that most people compensate by eating
more after they’ve consumed these kinds of “liquid carbs” when
compared to solid carbs (real, whole food). When you eat real food,
your body gets full faster because your system recognizes all the
beneficial nutrients. But when you drink these “liquid carbs,” your
body signals to continue because it’s starved of nutrients (despite
all the “empty calories” you just consumed).

The FAT STACKING Double Whammy!

Talk about a double-whammy! Not only are you consuming an excess
of calories, you’re also causing insulin-insensitivity, leading to even
greater fat storage.

2. Artificial sweeteners. So, if caffeine and sugar are a deadly combo,
then using an artificial sweetener is the solution, right? Not so fast!

Artificial sweeteners (Sweet n’ Low, Equal, Splenda, etc.), are tough
on your thyroid, the organ that regulates your metabolism. More and
more research is leading us to conclude that this is why so many
women are being diagnosed with hypothyroidism (“low metabolism”).

But the problem doesn’t stop there. Artificial sweeteners are actually
neurotoxic and your body will often respond with an inflammatory
response, leading to cortisol release. Cortisol is a hormone that
signals the body to retain fat, even in a low-calorie state. So, in
addition to sabotaging your thyroid, you’re releasing cortisol – making
it even more difficult to lose fat.

The Dieters Sweeth Tooth Vicious Cycle

What’s more, studies show that the more you consume something
sweet, the more you crave it. So although you may be feeding your
sweet tooth now, it’s only going to make the desire stronger. And the
cycle continues…

Try sweetening your drinks with Stevia (it’s natural, not artificial). Also,
carbonated water with lemon, lime, mint, or even cucumber is really
good too!

3. Long periods of inactivity. This may seem obvious but it’s not what
you think.

Throughout the day, your hormones are carrying out their daily roles of
either increasing or decreasing energy production, stimulating or decreasing
appetite, and promoting either fat breakdown or fat storage – depending
how active you are.

If you’re like most, you sit at a desk for 3, 4, even 5 hours at a time.
This is very problematic if you’re wanting to lose fat.
  Are You Listening To Your Hormones?

By ignoring your hormones’ cry for physical activity throughout the day,
you’re basically telling your body one thing: store fat. Our bodies are
designed to consistently move, not sit. Here’s something that is both
exciting and scary, but if you learn to listen to your hormones you will
know whether your body is storing fat or using it for energy. You will
also know if you’re metabolism is broken … more about that in a moment…

Is My Metabolism Broken?

So how can you keep your hormones functioning AND get your work
done? It’s simple: take regular, quick breaks every 45 – 60 minutes and
move! You may need to take breaks more often; your body will let you
know. Here are some of the ways your body lets you know it’s time for a break…

 – You feel compelled to stretch or move
 – You’re yawning or sighing
 – You’re slumping at your desk
 – You’re unable to concentrate
 – You feel tense or anxious
 – You make simple errors
 – You can’t focus or pay attention

Whether you are experiencing any or all of the above it’s possible that
your metabolism is broken. Don’t worry though there’s an easy fix and I’ll
get to that, but first, here are a few things that will help reduce the damage.

When you notice the signs above – or at least every 45 to 60 minutes —
get up and move for just 2 to 3 minutes. Here are some quick, simple
activities you can do to stimulate your hormones role in fat-burning:

 – Walk or jog up and down stairs
 – Do Star Jumps 
 – Alternate a few sets of push-ups and crunches
 – Do yoga
 – Walk or jog the parking lot

When you stay active throughout the day like this, your body will continually
metabolize fat – just as it’s designed to! However, there’s a good chance that
will not completely reverse the damage done to your metabolism.

Step 1 To Fixing Your Metabolism If It’s “Broken”

That’s why we’ve created a Metabolism Calculator that will actually calculate
your metabolism for you, and if it’s running “slow,” it will tell you the EXACT
steps you should take to FIX it.

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