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Iona – She’s helped me to change my life!

Posted on December 16, 2012 in Blog, Nutrition Blogs, Testimonials, Well Being Blog | by

I’ve struggled with issues with my weight for approximately 15 years. Then I met Iona.

n61212043_38921336_3532To be perfectly honest I was pretty nervous about meeting up with her for the first time. I didn’t need a telling off – I needed support to make the change. As soon as I walked into my first meeting with Iona, I knew this time I’d done the right thing.

Iona is approachable and friendly. She put me at ease straight away – mainly because she was just so, well, normal i guess. She gently guided me into looking at my weight loss from a new perspective. 12 months on and I am in a better place now with my weight than I think I’ve ever been. Not just with the numbers on the scale – but the way I feel in my head – much more balanced and less manic! I can see my weight loss for what it is – a journey. I have no qualms whatsoever about recommending Iona.

She’s helped me to change my life!

(PW, Yorkshire)