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How long should i train for??

Posted on May 22, 2012 in Fitness Blog, Glossary | by

Hi Fitness Freaks

People just assume that you need to workout for at least an hour (or more) to get good results.  Can’t blame them though…most people have been brain-washed into thinking that’s the case…I mean when was the last time you took a class (or even worked out yourself) that was less than an hour?

What’s interesting is that people come up to my friend before and after classes and comment on her great physique and asks what she does to stay in such great shape?  And she tells them (point blank) that she does short intense workouts that are only 30 minutes or less…but people don’t believe her.  They just can’t get their head around the fact that more is not always better, and that less is more…if you workout right!

So if you’ve been putting in your best effort and haven’t seen the kind of results you want and you (still) believe that doing more gets you better results faster…you’re setting yourself up for longer term disappointment.  For most people this approach won’t work at all, and for a few that does, it won’t last…you’ll eventually burn yourself out.  It’s simply not sustainable

Now let’s be honest, getting strong, fit and lean isn’t going to happen instantly.  Too many people go to extremes  to try and achieve their goals…ASAP.

Remember nothing worth while ever happens overnight!

Understanding that this is a process that takes a little time and that working out smarter is going to get you much further in the long run…is half the battle.  

Here’s the key — your fitness is not time dependent but rather intensity dependent and that means you don’t need to workout endlessly counting calories and you certainly don’t need to spend an entire hour in the gym!

Working out at the right intensity combined with eating the proper combination of natural whole foods, will enable your body to produce the right hormones and allow your body to optimize it’s lean muscle growth and fat burning.

Stay Fit, Stay Well


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