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Headaches are a pain in the neck?

Posted on July 24, 2012 in Fitness Blog, Glossary | by

What you might not realise about your headaches

Experience regular headaches but unaware of the reasons why? Take painkillers to reduce the effects, but they always return? This may be because you aren’t addressing the route problem of your headaches.

Your muscle fibres are horizontal strands that run alongside one another within the muscle. Through poor posture, stress, exercise or injury the muscle fibres in a certain area of the muscle may ‘ball’ together, causing a knot like symptom. This is caused by that specific area of muscle not having the ability to relax after the whole muscle has contracted; which is then referred to as a Trigger Point.

There are many different types of trigger points, and you may not be aware that they exist until that specific point is pressed. However it is more common for Trigger Points to cause referred pain, which you will feel in a completely different location to the route problem. Therefore meaning that your headaches may have nothing to do with your head at all, but a Trigger Point lower down within your Trapezius!

Simple to rectify, Trigger Point treatment is incorporated within the application of Sports Massage to the muscle. This is performed by applying varying depths of pressure directly onto the site of the trigger point within the muscle, for a set period of time.

Think about it, removing the cause of your headaches removes the pain.

By Jasmine Marsh, sports Massuer