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Hale Pilates Studio

Posted on February 27, 2012 in Partners | by

Cheshire personal training is pround to be associated and work with Sarah Gallimore founder and owner of The Hale Pilates studio.

With a background in contemporary dance, and 10 years experience in the fitness industry as both an exercise to music teacher and personal trainer, Sarah Gallimore has trained with both Modern Pilates and Stott Pilates.  Her decision to open a locally-based studio was largely encouraged by her clients who wanted a bespoke facility in which to train in comfort and privacy, with the space to use a full range of techniques and equipment.

Through Sarah’s work in post-operative rehabilitation and sport injury, she remains committed to her fascination for body alignment and correction of posture to re-address muscular symmetry and balance within the body.

She is an advanced member of The Register of Exercise Professionals, A Modern Pilates Advanced Personal Trainer, a member of Fit-Pro and NVQ Level 3.
Pilates techniques can be adapted to suit all levels and abilities to strengthen the abdominal and spinal support network to prevent back pain and injury, helping to create a strong and supple body.

Excellent for individuals with back, shoulder and hip pain, Pilates will help to correct posture and alleviate symptomatic problems, preventing its recurrance.  Helpful post-operatively or after injury, for on-going rehabilitation and mobility. For those looking to improve their sporting skills, Pilates can assist in improving neuro-muscluar pathways and co-ordination for fluidity of movement.

The Hale Pilates Studio aims to combine the traditional teachings of Joseph Pilates with up to date scientific understanding of how the body really works, using physiotherapy based techniques to bring you an exercise programme which is individually designed and balanced, without the risk of injury.