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Georgina Wood – Personal Trainer

Posted on January 19, 2012 in Female Personal Trainers, trainers | by

Position:   Personal Trainer – Cottons Health Spa Knutsford


Year of Birth:   1966

Services:  Personal training | Partner Fitness at Cottons health Spa, Home based and different Environments Training delivering fitness, Sports and Strength conditioning Weight Loss/Toning and General Health training.

Qualifications:   Gym instruction level 2, Torso Training & Core Stability level 3, Nutrition & Weight Management level 3, Circuit Training, Psychology of Behaviour Change, Personal Training level 3. GP Referral Level 3.

Previous occupation:   Office Manager

Favourite quote:   “Setting your goals is easy, the key is to enjoy the journey of achieving them”

Experience/Interests:   I Spent my school years in the Netball team as Games Captain and have enjoyed all forms of exercise including aerobics, running, cycling, walking, swimming and climbing. I read lots, even managing to fit in some relaxation time with a good fiction book or DVD. I prefer to look for the positive things in life and try to reflect this in my day to day work and play.