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I have achieved what I never thought I would – enjoying exercise! I’d already lost a lot of weight last year when I realised that exercise was the key to losing more and keeping it off.  But how could I do that?  I’ve …Continue reading →


Mike Does the Trick Due to osteo-arthritis restricting my movements, I am not as active as I used to be and as a result have put on a lot of weight. I contacted Paul …Continue reading →


Everything changed for me “I first got in touch with Paul Mason via my old gym when I joined after being hit by a car and paralysed for a year around seven years ago. …Continue reading →

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Exercise! I am a full time Mum, CANT FIT IT IN? Think again? I am a stay at home mum with two boys and I needed the convenience of working out in my home! I contacted Paul Mason Fitness and after a lengthy …Continue reading →

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Fit For 50 Dear Paul Thank you for all your help and assistance in helping me get back in shape. Your advice and encouragement helped me shed more than 30 lbs in little …Continue reading →

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A few words! I have been working with Roger for a few months on a one on one basis and for the first time in years I have felt that my gym sessions …Continue reading →

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Irregular Training? Following a long spell out of training, I started working with Roger about 6 months ago.  I was fairly unfit and to make matters more complicated, had an issue with …Continue reading →


Kieran Recommends John Charnock from Paul Mason Fitness On the road to health, fitness and injury Rehabilitation thanks to Paul and Jonathan.

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Client Testimonial for Georgina Wood Check out this Testimonial from Steve Bowen about his work with Paul Mason Fitness, trainer Georgina Wood at Cottons Health Spa Knutsford.


No Short Cuts! “I decided I wanted a personal trainer last autumn. I’m 58 & have mostly maintained my cardio fitness by running & with a cross trainer but I’d neglected my upper …Continue reading →


Injuries are not a problem! Hi Paul, I would just like to say I’ve been very happy with Cheshire Personal Training and my trainer Jonathan since I started using your company to train me a …Continue reading →

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Roger Translates Roger has an exceptional ability to translate what the client requires into what he needs. He listens and varies the exercises so that training does not become monotonous. His experience …Continue reading →

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I honestly never thought I would say that I enjoy gym work, but i do now. From an early age and into my 30’s  I had always played a lot of football and cricket and suffered badly with knee injuries…….several operations later I was left with …Continue reading →

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Exercise but not as you know it! “Exercise Just not how you know it!! A total mixture of fun, enjoyment and pain all rolled into a one hour experience that will push your fitness to the next …Continue reading →


Boot camp Fitness is for Everyone I’ve really enjoyed the Sunday ‘boot-camps’ so far. They’ve been a tough work out but fun at the same time. Sarah and Paul have been working us hard but recognise …Continue reading →


I would not do it, if it were not for Him! Well, what can I say, I have been training with Roger for just over a year now, I only meant to do a 3-6 month stint with a personal trainer …Continue reading →


Lean in Lymm with Mason’s Fitness I just wanted to write to let you know how delighted I am with my results since I began training with you back in November.  I have trained by myself …Continue reading →


I Am Now Fit for Fifty Dear Paul, Thank you for all your help and assistance in helping me get back in shape. Your advice and encouragement helped me shed more than 30 lbs in little over …Continue reading →


I’d definitely recommend John to anyone looking to start training! I started training with Jonathan a few months ago & have a session every month. After a detailed consultation about what I wanted to achieve, he put together my first …Continue reading →

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Iona – She’s helped me to change my life! I’ve struggled with issues with my weight for approximately 15 years. Then I met Iona. To be perfectly honest I was pretty nervous about meeting up with her for the …Continue reading →

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The Mood by Design! Personal Training and Nutrition I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and his team for finding the right health and fitness package for me and my …Continue reading →

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10 Years pain sorted in 3 months with Paul Mason Fitness!! I’m 34 years old and have had back, hip and knee pain due to injuries for the last 10 years.  I have seen different specialists over that period and not …Continue reading →


1st Marathon at 50? You’re Never too Old!! I have been training with Paul Mason for just over one year now. I started the sessions after newly taking up exercise at the age of 51, and I really …Continue reading →


Paul Mason’s Total Loser program – A New Adventure!! I would describe myself of average fitness  in the past, I have always enjoyed the odd adventure and have zip lined from the top of a 50ft cliff in Mexico, …Continue reading →


Liz gives you power on a plate! I have been a member at Cottons Hotel gym for over 15 years and regularly used the gym for weights and attended various fitness. The power plate has remained a mystery …Continue reading →

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Nigel Garner has recommended your work Nigel Garner has recommended your work as Director & Master Personal Trainer / Sports Conditioner / Health Fitness and Nutrition Author at Cheshire Personal Training.  “I was recommended to Paul …Continue reading →

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LinkedIn Recommendations Helen Pizzie has endorsed your work as Director & Master Personal Trainer / Sports Conditioner / Health Fitness and Nutrition Author at Cheshire Personal Training “Paul is a very knoweldgeable …Continue reading →

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Paul Hardman Delivers the Goods Until starting with Paul Hardman I hadn’t used a personal trainer. Since working with Paul I ask myself why I didn’t do this in the first place. I have been …Continue reading →

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Excellent Customer Service Paul Mason (Cheshire Personal Training) When I first contacted Paul at Cheshire Training we had a good chat about what I wanted to do and how Cheshire Personal Training could …Continue reading →