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New Year – Dont be any old Loser, Be A Total Loser!! Fat Loss That is!! On the first day of Christmas – get some exercise. A walk, a game of Frisbee, or if you’re really lucky with the weather – a snowball fight! On the …Continue reading →


Athlete Xero – Xero hour is here! Book Now or miss out! The time has come…… Athlete Xero has arrived.  New Progressive Training Protocols I cannot tell you how excited I am about what you are to see on Athlete Xero.  In …Continue reading →


2 Days to the start of the rest of your life! If you finally want to achieve your health and fitness goals don’t miss this! TAGS: | | | | 21 Day Detox Challenge You CAN achieve your health and fitness goals in 2015, STARTING NOW… “Finally – a proven plan to lose fat easily, become healthier and more energised than …Continue reading →

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Total Loser 5 – Registration Opens Today. Start your Resolution now!! Hi Guys We are now taking Bookings for  Total Loser 5, it  starts on Monday the 6th of January Do you want to be part of the ULTIMATE weight loss …Continue reading →


Everything changed for me “I first got in touch with Paul Mason via my old gym when I joined after being hit by a car and paralysed for a year around seven years ago. …Continue reading →

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Exercise! I am a full time Mum, CANT FIT IT IN? Think again? I am a stay at home mum with two boys and I needed the convenience of working out in my home! I contacted Paul Mason Fitness and after a lengthy …Continue reading →

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Random Fitness and Nutrition Tips Hi Fellow Athletes No reason why these are random, just throwing them out there: Tip #1. Onions = Amazing Superfood… Eat onions daily if possible. I love onions and just to …Continue reading →

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Weight Training – Start as you mean to go on!! Evetyone understands and accepts It’s possible for beginner to resistance training to drop body fat and gain muscle mass at rates faster than these individuals will ever experience again during their …Continue reading →

Birchwood Family Fitness

Day 5 at The Biggest Loser House Great effort all round today guys, you should all be proud of a great weeks work at Birchwood Biggest Loser Program. A  special Well Done to Kerry Evans, you took …Continue reading →

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Birchwood Family Fitness Timetable Hi All   Follow this link to the new BFF timetable, in september the scope of classes will increase and through the summer we will be running event days for …Continue reading →


Boot camp Fitness is for Everyone I’ve really enjoyed the Sunday ‘boot-camps’ so far. They’ve been a tough work out but fun at the same time. Sarah and Paul have been working us hard but recognise …Continue reading →

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Fat Loss Boot Camp AreYou Confused with all the conflicting information put out by the media? Tired of yo-yo dieting? Sick of feeling frumpy in your favourite clothes? Fed up of spending your hard …Continue reading →

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No Time to Exercise? Think Again! Busy at work or with family commitments, here is a very simple way of exercising and feeling great. You only exercise 1 movement pattern per day for 7 minutes You split …Continue reading →

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Cardio is it making you fatter and older? Is Your Exercise Routine Actually Making You FATTER & Looking OLDER? By Rob & Kalen Poulos, Authors, Fat Burning Furnace                 If you’re …Continue reading →


Lean in Lymm with Mason’s Fitness I just wanted to write to let you know how delighted I am with my results since I began training with you back in November.  I have trained by myself …Continue reading →


I Am Now Fit for Fifty Dear Paul, Thank you for all your help and assistance in helping me get back in shape. Your advice and encouragement helped me shed more than 30 lbs in little over …Continue reading →


I’d definitely recommend John to anyone looking to start training! I started training with Jonathan a few months ago & have a session every month. After a detailed consultation about what I wanted to achieve, he put together my first …Continue reading →

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Twelve healthier days of Christmas On the first day of Christmas – get some exercise. A walk, a game of Frisbee, or if you’re really lucky with the weather – a snowball fight! On the …Continue reading →


3 Random Fitness and Nutrition Tips Tip #1. Onions = Amazing Superfood… Eat onions daily if possible.   Not only do I love onions, but I recently read a longevity study that surveyed a large amount …Continue reading →

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3 things you should never do when exercising! **NEVER Isolate Muscle Groups For Fat Loss: Isolating muscle groups and working them one at at time often leads to severe muscle imbalances, thereby halting your fat loss over time.  …Continue reading →

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Have you got Back Problems? In the average human body there are 360 joints, 206 bones and about 640 muscles. No part of your body moves independently, even a small movement requires the help of …Continue reading →

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Headaches are a pain in the neck? What you might not realise about your headaches Experience regular headaches but unaware of the reasons why? Take painkillers to reduce the effects, but they always return? This may be …Continue reading →


5 Muscles For a Flat Stomach These 5 muscles are the key to exercising for a flat stomach — Don’t waste time training the WRONG muscles! by Dr. Kareem Samhouri – CSCS, HFS Neuro Metabolic Fitness …Continue reading →

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How long should i train for?? Hi Fitness Freaks People just assume that you need to workout for at least an hour (or more) to get good results.  Can’t blame them though…most people have been brain-washed …Continue reading →

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3 Things to NEVER do While Exercising Whatever you do, don’t do any of these things while exercising for fat loss:  Isolate muscle groups Work different muscles on different days S ee what someone else is doing …Continue reading →

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Developing a habit for exercise is crucial if you want to get sustainable results… Here’s my simple 5 step guide to form your habit… 1. Take it Easy One of the biggest mistakes you can make is over committing too early. This is not …Continue reading →

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Are You thinking about getting Fit? When you think about getting back into shape, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Losing weight…right?  Other fitness components like strength, speed, endurance and overall fitness is somewhat …Continue reading →


Achieving my fitness goals with Paul Mason I would just like to say thank you….. After training with Paul for the past year I have achieved goals I never thought I would have. I have been a …Continue reading →