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Boobs! Pert & Alert!

Posted on June 3, 2012 in Beauty | by

Ladies…………unless you are lucky enough to be in the throes of youth chances are your boobs are starting to droop a little.  There are ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments which provide support in the mammary area however with age & sometimes breastfeeding they sag somewhat.  Surgery isn’t necessarily the answer.  You will be surprised at how correct posture, standing straight & upright & keeping your shoulders back will improve those funbags.  Adopting this posture will also take pounds off your frame & improve your core stability & pelvic floor.  It’s a habit forming pose that needs to be worked on, so next time you are aware of yourself  – “adopt the pose”.  We’re not talking about strutting your stuff just simply subtly changing your posture.  The more you do it the more natural it will become.  (Imagine a piece of string stretching from your head pulling you gently upright).  Coupled with good moisturisation & targeted exercise on the chest & neck area you could take years of your decolletage.