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Paddys Blog

Welcome to my Fittness Blog!

My name is Paddy and I’ve joined Cheshire Personal Training in order to get fit and have agreed to blog my journey for you all to follow!



  • Monday 6th August – Tricky week but at least kept to the nutrional side

    Celebrated my birthday the previous weekend and last week was an odd one without much time for the gym, however I have been largely successful with my food selections. With trying to make changes to certain parts of my life, availability for sessions are more unpredictable so will have to re-organise to ensure I keep my exercise levels up.

  • Friday 27th July – Hard session today and a power cut at the gym

    Neil certainly put me through my paces today with interval training on the bike followed by kettle bell swings and squat jumps. Half way through the power went off but as we weren’t using any of the equipment didn’t end the session and didn’t think about it until I needed to get a shower, of course they are electric showers, so it was a mad dash home for a shower then a dash into work.

  • Monday 23rd July – Not the week I wanted but glad its over

    Was planning to come back have a strict week both in the gym and nutrionally following the wedding weekend but ended up travelling up and down the country to see my parents, due to a sudden illness. Thankfully not life threatening but when they elderly, will have to get back on track.

  • Saturday 8th July – A hard week at work and in the gym

    Been hard at work both in work and in the gym to carry on the good start, had a neighbour compliment on how I looked when they saw me in the gym, nice and appreciated it but would have preferred it if I hadn’t just done a spot of interval training so was blowing hard and sweating like a mad man, a nice look…..not

  • Saturday 30th June – Weigh day 026

    Well weighed in and disappointed my weight stayed the same but lean tissue % up and body fat down, measurements down in all the right areas so looking good.

  • Normality returns, well for a few days at least – Wednesday 4th July

    Back in to the routine, with twice wekly sessions with Nweil and some work on my own, it is easier without people staying especially when they are on holiday but its a case of being organised.

  • Friday 29th June In laws have landed but the mission continues

    Despite having visitors and being on a week off, I have kept up the sessions and stuck to the plan and had a good session this morning and off to my favourite north west city…Liverpool to have a wander round Albert dock.

  • Wednesday 20th June Back on Track and up for the Challenge

    Regained my focus thanks to a chat with Paul and arranged early morning sessions four days a week and after the first two already feeling better for it. They are hard intensive sessions but just what I need to get me back on track. With a new food plan its all systems go. Aided by attacking the garden, one of the biggest challenges is to keep my body fuelled, which I am doing.

  • Paddy Refocussed and Raring to go!!

    Had a Case  conference with Paddy, we have both lost our way a little, Paddy due to work and family commitments and i due to my work load so to Today is all about refocusing and setting new goals.

    Paddy has a new eating plan for 1 month and then we will change it to keep him motivated to eat correctly, i also Stepped up his training intensity massivley to give him a sense of belief in his abilities and to show him how far he has progressed.

    Date 02/03/12 19/03/12 19/06/12
    Assessment Result Result Result
    Height  (cm) 199 199 199
    Weight  (kg) 142.4 127 122.5
    B.M.I 33.4 32.1 32.5
    Rest HR 76 76 72
    BP   154/107 150/99 140/82
    Body Water %      
    Bmr 2359 2287 2236
    Waist to Hip Ratio      
    Body Fat Skin Fold      
    Body Fat Bio Imp 39.0 37.2 36.7
    Leam Tissue 26.6 26.9 26.8
    Visceral Fat 16 15 16
    Chest 136 131.5 127
    Hips 127 118 115
    Waist 134 131.5 W 128

    A 115

    Upper Arm 35 35 L34R34
    Forearm 30 28 L28R28
    U. Thigh 61 63.5 L61R59
    Calf 42 42 L28R28
  • Paddy Time to get Serious!!

    Paddy this is one of those moments  in life when quite simpley we need to Man up, if i am honest i have been too busy and neglected your progression and left it to my staff.

    Case conference and new Goals needed, then we can get this job Finished.  YOU IN?

  • Friday 15th June – Lost my way and Focus, if I’m honest.

    If I’m being honest I haven’t been as strict/focused call it what you want over the past few weeks as I should have been and have been undisciplined too often. There have been a lot of distractions, stresses and this has been the area which I have concentrated on least, which of course then impacts elsewhere in life as I have less energy etc. Not terminal and reading back through more positive moments will, I hope help get me re-focused and stop me letting those who have given me this opportunity down but most importantly stop me from letting myself down. If I can achieve the goals set here it will certainly help me achieve other aspirations and goals I have.

  • Wednesday 6th June – Hardest training yet, finding it tough

    Today was the most intense of my morning training sessions, which gave me a great feeling of satisfaction but away from the fixed sessions I am finding it hard to focus on both doing more exercise and eating correctly all the time, I have to try and re-focus.

  • Saturday 2nd June – Away for the Weekend but hoped to do some work on the Beach

    We were away for the weekend at my parents in Norfolk and I was hoping to get a couple of sessions in on the beach, however a combination of too many relatives coming to visit and atrocious weather on the Sunday put paid to that. Although I still managed to do a little bit of work on my core muscles in.

  • Tuesday 29th May – Shoulder is better so back at it.

    Missed Friday’s session because I had hurt my shoulder but looking forward to the gym tomorrow and seeing the type of exercises I will be doing because no two sessions are the same which is keep the interest going.

  • Wednesday 23rd May – First go with a sledgehammer and a tyre!!

    A different session today involving use of a sledgehammer and a tyre, real explosive exercises by hitting the tyre with the sledgehammer and flipping the tyre end over end and carrying the tyre, hard but enjoyable brought a different aspect to training.

  • Wednesday 16th May First session since Boot Camp

    I haven’t trained until today’s session with Neil following on from the boot camp and felt it today but the more I do the better I feel although I am finding tough to find time for the extra sessions at boot camp do to the demands of my job unfortunately.

  • Saturday 12th Boot Camp time!!

    Went to my first Boot Camp today, it was an hour in the glorious sunshine at Warrington Town FC, yes it was hard work, the clue is in the name really but the trainers recognised I couldn’t complete all of the exercises and tailored it accordingly. Paul asked me what the best part of the boot camp was, I said the stretches at the end, I was joking….I think 😉

  • Wednesday 9th May Feeling better having started in gym again

    Pleased I’m feeling better and not just eating well but exercising again which is important, think it could be time for the boot camp experience? The pic is of me at a wedding last Sunday, if I carry on like this I will soon be at the tailors getting a new smaller suit.

  • Saturday 4th May Disappointing week as not been well

    Just when I needed a good week to get back on track after a busy weekend, it didn’t happen as not been well as been feeling dizzy etc…Not good. Feeling better today so here’s hoping.

  • Friday 27th April Hard workout but needed it with a busy weekend ahead.

    Another good hard session today but needed it as have a busy weekend ahead and will need to follow it up with a good week next week to get back on track.

  • Saturday 21st April Weekends are sometimes harder to keep the food intake to correct levels

    I have found it harder on some weekends to actually keep to the eating regularly regime, I think during the week, I plan carefully what I am going to eat during the day, obviously sometimes it doesn’t go to plan but at weekends I haven’t planned as well thinking there will always be something in. This isn’t always the case and to succeed it has to be a case of plan for every day.

  • Saturday 14th April Next Weigh in and FA Cup Semi-Final day

    As always when weigh day comes was very nervous and always feel that I could have lost more but was still a good loss and happy with the inches lost. Day was rounded off well with Liverpool beating Everton but that’s for another time.

  • Wednesday 18th April Good Session Today

    Felt the training session went really well today, it was hard work but felt good after it and really feeling the benefit of it. Following on from Saturday I have been upping my protein intake and general food eating to make sure my metabolic rate kicks in and my body doesn’t go into starvation mode.

  • Monday 9th April –

    Well, had my first day off the healthy regime and lets just say it took less alcohol than normal to get me tipsy ha ha. Eating food which wasn’t as healthy didn’t taste as nice as I thought it would. It certainly sat heavily which wasn’t a great feeling. Lets see how the rest of the week goes.

  • It’s Amazing what you can acheive in 2 weeks
    Date 02/03/12 19/03/12
    Assessment Result Result
    Height  (cm) 199 199
    Weight  (kg) 132.4 127
    B.M.I 33.4 32.1
    Rest HR 76 76
    BP   154/107 130/97
    Body Water % 43% 50%
    Bmr 2359 2287
    Waist to Hip Ratio    
    Body Fat Skin Fold    
    Body Fat Bio Imp 39.0 37.2
    Leam Tissue 26.6 26.9
    Visceral Fat 16 15
    Chest 136 131.5
    Hips 127 118
    Waist 134 131.5
    Upper Arm 35 35
    Forearm 30 28
    U. Thigh 61 63.5
    Calf 42 42
  • Detox Over – Friday 6th April

    Well the end of my 30 day detox had come and gone just in time for me to host a table of clients at the Warrington Wolves v Widnes Vikings game. It has been a worthwhile 30 days to kick start my body again and it is only 30 days, now the test of managing the days off etc.

  • Doing a bit of Homework on a sunny day – Sunday 1st April (no its not an april fool)

    Took advantage of the glorious sunshine today to do a session outside in the local area.

  • Fourth Week In and doing well – Wednesday 28th March

    Another good session at the gym if a bit hard and generally feeling good, getting loads of support off my wife and friends which is important when you have a difficult day which we all face. Just remember its one day and look forward to a new more positive day

  • Still Proving a point to myself – Saturday 24th March

    Found the last few days a bit harder as had the occasional longing to go for a pint but resisted and too be honest wasn’t going to break and to prove to myself that I could do this, I went down to my local and drank mineral water all night. It just shows you can still socialise and carry on a normal life while being healthy.

  • Helping with my Work – Tuesday 20th March

    I’ve realised today, which was deadline day for the paper I work for that I have more energy at work thanks to the exercise but also the healthy eating and the fact I’m not getting hungry anymore, which is great. Feeling a lot more positive about the whole experience.