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Posted on April 6, 2013 in Blog, Nutrition Blogs, Well Being Blog | by

Hi guys

Did you know that your thyroid gland is what regulates your metabolism
– the rate at which you BURN FAT?

Environmental factors and processed foods may cause most
people’s thyroid gland to not work well and that could lead to a very slow or broken

The processed foods that are ever present in our daily lives are lacking the nutrients that optimize
your T3 which is what makes sure your thyroid is regulating your metabolism for
high performance. What’s really worries me is …………

The majority of People who struggle with their weight and cravings for sweets
actually have an issue with their thyroid, and usually are lacking Triiodothyronine
(T3), making it very difficult to lose weight. T3 regulates fat, protein, and
carbohydrate metabolism, so it’s a very important hormone for fat loss.

Here are the 3 best ways to increase your  T3 levels. . .

1. Eat enough calories. When people go on a diet, they often drop their
calories way too low. When your body doesn’t think it’s getting enough food,
it lowers its metabolism in order to more efficiently use the food it’s receiving.

So, if you go on too drastic of a diet, you actually condition your body to hold
on to body fat for “survival.” Make sure you consume enough calories – no
less than 1200 for women and at least 1800 for men (though for most, 1600
and 2100 are more appropriate minimums).

2. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. In addition to getting enough calories,
make sure the foods you choose are rich in nutrients. The efficiency of T3 is
impaired if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to produce it.
Selenium, Iodine, and Zinc are required for the production of T3.

Selenium is a trace mineral that is used by the thyroid to produce T3.
Foods rich in dietary selenium include: nuts, seeds, bran, oats, and
most all seafood.

Iodine is also a trace mineral that is required for T3 production. Foods
containing iodine include: shellfish, beans, sesame seeds, soybeans,
spinach, and squash.

Zinc is another trace mineral that is needed for endocrine glands to
signal to the thyroid to produce T3. Zinc is in these foods: crab, dairy,
chicken, turkey, nuts, and beans.
Look for a supplement that has 50 mcg of Selenium, 150
mcg of Iodine, and 11 mg of Zinc.


I can’t stress this enough, supplements are ESSENTIAL for all round health and well being, never mind fat loss. The quality of food in the UK now is pretty darned pants and even most fruit and veg doesn’t contain half of what is used to especially with transportation and storage methods used these days. Many of the supplements I recommend actually USED to be available in our diet, such as iodine, but sadly- no more! Take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, ideally Juiceplus which is certified pesticide and chemical free, in fact is you want to totally re balance your metabolism take the following combine with Juice/plus

However, I also realise some of you guys are on a budget, so I’ve listed the other recommended supplements in order of importance- all 6 are vital, BUT if you only have money for 3 of them, get the first 3!

  1. Sodium Bicarb: The ULTIMATE alkalising product, instant energy boost, cheap as chips- you can get it in any supermarket. Take in a glass of MINERAL water FIRST thing in the morning and again an hour before bed
  2. Magnesium Oil: Helps with EVERY cell in the body. Improves energy, increases recovery from hard training, helps aches and pains and improves sleep quality.
  3. Fish Oil: Turns OFF fat storage enzymes, turns ON fat BURNING enzymes. Order finest quality fish oils.
  4. Lugols Iodine: AMAZING for the thyroid, protecting against breast cancer health and weight loss in general. Two drops in water after the drink above, morning and night (Consult your GP before using if already taking Thyroid medication)
  5. Sunlight: Has many beneficial effects including providing the vitamin D necessary to maintain optimal health. Spend at least an hour a day outside in the fresh air (ideally at lunch) in order to top up on this vital nutrient.

All this info and much more is available in my ONE protocol 2 week detox plan.

Stay Fit Stay Well