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Paul Mason

Paul Mason

I am Paul Mason the Managing director & Master personal trainer at Paul Mason Fitness.Position:

I have over 30 years experiance in sports and fitness both as an active sportsman and in the Health and Fitness industry. I created Cheshire Personal Training, with the aim to use the knowledge and skills developed through a life-long dedication to sport and exercise, to enhance the lives of others.

I took my first fitness qualifications in 1982 whilst in the army and have gained a vast array of qualifications and accreditations ever since.

I have been training and advising athletes teams and the general population on health fitness and wellbeing for nearly 30 years, qualifing as a personal trainer in 2000 and ever since then have been Personal training, Strength and sports Conditioning.

In 2005 I started Cheshire Personal Training and built up the company to be the best and fastest growing company in the North West of England, because of our success and expansion across the Nortnwest we had to change the company name to Paul Mason Fitness.

I personally ensure that all trainers are educated up to my exacting standards to offer a premium personal training experience, This attention to customer service has allowed me to directly influence my approach to help other’s achieve their personal goals wholly utilising feedback from clients to make positive changes to the my team and my skills, service delivery and the business.

My team and I at Paul Mason Fitness provide bespoke fitness training services to private clients, corporate businesses and sporting organisations and work with celebrities, members of the public,World record holders, professional sportsmen and women.

Year of Birth: 1965

Services: Personal training, Sports Conditioning , Cross Fit  level 1 Trainer, Functional Training, Fat loss, Body reshaping, Body Building, Kettle bell Trainer, Strength Conditioning, Nutritional Advice & Guidance, Smoking Drug Alcohol Cessation and exercise prescription,

Qualifications: Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3, Personal training Diploma level 3, International Master Personal trainer dipolma, Cross Fit  level 1 TrainerWright Foundation GP Exercise referral level 3, Advanced Gym Instructor Level 3 Gym Instructor Level 2, Nutrition & Weight Management Level 3, Training In Different Environments Level 3, Personal Training Level 3, Client Appraisal & Physical Assessment Level 3, Sports Conditioning Level 3, Diabetes & Obesity Level 4, Management of Chronic Back Disorders Level 4, NHS Smoking Cessation Counsellor, Drummond Kettle Bell Trainer, Drug Alcohol Counsellor, Sports Nutrition level 3, Circuit Training, Spin Instucter,

Previous occupation: Armed forces | Correctional Services

Favourite quote: “Pain is just a useful tool to let you know that you are alive!”

Experience/Interests: Family, sport, health, triathlon, rugby, boxing, body building, cooking, music arts & culture and many more!