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3 things you should never do when exercising!

Posted on October 11, 2012 in Blog, Fitness Blog | by

**NEVER Isolate Muscle Groups For Fat Loss:

Isolating muscle groups and working them one at at time often leads to severe muscle imbalances, thereby halting your fat loss over time.  Once your body becomes imbalanced, it’s like signaling to your nervous system that you no longer want a signal to reach the muscle for a contraction.  If it did, you’d get injured by pulling your joint out of place.

An easy example to visualize here is the biceps (front of your arm) and triceps (back of your arm.)  If you have massive biceps and small triceps, you’re constantly pulling your shoulder forward, or towards your biceps when you use your arm.  Your triceps is overpowered and at risk of strain.  Your shoulder girdle is out of place, and, as a result, your rotator cuff muscles have been overstretched.  Your trap is tense, and it’s pulling on your neck.  In fact, your neck probably aches on a daily basis.

This is a recipe for disaster.  Balance muscles to speed up your metabolism.  Isolation exercises make this nearly impossible.

Compound, weight-bearing exercises, on the other hand, make it very easy to balance your muscles and return to your ‘natural’ alignment and strength.  The goal should be to use as many joints as possible in a given exercise, in order to increase your metabolism, locally, at each joint.  There is an additive metabolic effect when you do this, and it will increase your overall ‘global’ metabolism as a result.

Compound, weight-bearing exercises stimulate a response in your body that pads any joint you’re working with joint fluid.  They also create what’s called co-contraction, meaning that all muscle groups around a joint naturally contract to hold the joint in place and prevent injury while you’re placing your entire bodyweight on a segment of your body.

Clever system, hey?

Let’s use it to our advantage.  Increased metabolic effect + increased safety + muscle balancing.  Your body is trying to tell you something.  Please listen.

FYI – there is one exception to this, and it’s burnout sets.  Isolating a particular muscle group to tire it out after an exercise is a great way to stimulate a greater metabolic effect by pushing until you have nothing left.  A great example of this would be a squat and press.  It’s very possible that you have not fully tired out your triceps with your presses, so it’s totally ok to fatigue them out with a superset at the end of your exercise.  However, this is not where most of the fat loss effect comes from.  It’s the last 5-10%.

**NEVER Work Different Muscles On Different Days:

Let’s clarify something right from the start:  We’re building intensity-based exercise tolerance to lose fat.  It’s the fastest way.

Building muscle is great, and it will lead to an increased metabolism over time, as you shift your muscle:fat ratio upward.  However, this is the long-term plan.  We’re talking about burning up as much bodyfat as possible, in the fastest way achievable.

When you want to build muscle, and you do strength sets (6-8 reps or less), you should rest 48-72 hours before repeating a muscle group.

However, when you are doing interval-based (time-based) training, you’re shooting for as many reps as possible in a given time frame.  For example, you might be aiming for 55 reps in 50 seconds.  At this rep range, you no longer need 48-72 hours before working the muscle again.  In fact, you’d be sacrificing A TON of results by waiting this long.

Remember, the goal is to get as many joints and muscle groups involved as possible, so you’d be forcing complete rest from exercise after every workout by having to wait 48-72 hours.  We’re not going to miss a muscle when we want to see you burn fat at record speed.  Every workout is going to push your body to a new level, which is relative to your intensity level today.

Let’s dominate your bodyfat.  Let’s work every muscle we can, keep our rep ranges high, and our intensity and speed high.  As a trade, we’ll keep our workout duration low… 10 minutes is all you need.

Tomorrow, repeat.  Do this 5 days/week and skyrocket your results.  Your metabolism will light on fire.