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Paul O’Brian – Senior Personal Trainer

Posted on November 12, 2014 in Blog, Male Personal Trainers | by

IMG_3298Position: Senior Personal Trainer

Areas Covered: Cheshire, Manchester, Stockport

Year of birth: 22.02.1979


Home, gym and outdoor based personal training, Body transformation, Strength Conditioning, Sports specific Conditioning, Fat Loss, Body Building Competition training, bespoke nutrition plans, Program design.


Personal Training Level 3 including Nutrition and weight management, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist – USA qualification – Defrancos Gym New Jersey, Training for Warriors Level 1 and level 2 – International Certification, UKSCA – olympic lifting and speed and agility certifications from workshops


Rugby league, boxing, nutrition, films, all things training, health and fitness, seeing new places, holidays.

Favourite Quote:

Winners never quit and quitters never win!



Kim Scanlon: PT Client  – I am a 55 year old woman who has tried every fad diet, food programme and fancy exercise machine going…. and guess what….I’m still overweight !!

Unhappy I knew I had to find a sustainable solution to get me into shape once and for all.  Paul Obrien was recommended to me and 8 weeks in I am a different woman. 21lb lighter and a passion for training I never imagined I would have.  No treadmills or fancy machines just a consistent exercise programme showing me improvements each week.  My diet is also transformed and I feel great. For the first time in my life I feel confident that I will reach my goal – I already feel fitter and healthier than Ive done in years.  I won’t be wasting my money on slimming clubs and gym membership I will be seeing my mission to fitness out working with Paul and I know I will reach my goal.

Susan Barker: PT Client –‘Happy Valentines Day, I’ve bought you 10 sessions with Paul O’Brien a personal trainer’. These were not the words I was expecting from my beloved this year. However, I can honestly say it’s been life changing.  I had been moaning about feeling and looking flabby/overweight for years, I could no longer use the excuse of ‘I’ve had a baby’ as she’s now 5 years old! The thought of going for runs, hours on a cross trainer and doing spin classes filled me with dread. Being a full time working parent makes things even harder. I wanted noticeable results within the limited free diary time I have. That’s when I met Paul O’Brien and things changed for the better. I explained my situation inclusive of the fact I have a twisted pelvis. Paul listened and adapted every exercise to suit me and my ability. I hadn’t been to a gym for 13 years prior to seeing Paul. I won’t lie and say it’s easy but after every session I know it’s been worth it. Here’s the good bit, I’m now 20lb lighter, 2 dress sizes smaller and I feel healthy. I now look in the mirror and like what I see. This is all the motivation I need.

Josh Summersgill: PT Client – I once said to Paul, “Is there anything harder for me to do?” to which he replied, “There is always something harder to do, try 1000 burpees!!”. I have trained under Pauls guidance and followed his training programs for well over 5 years now, dating back from the days of Total Fitness. As a direct result of working with who I can only describe as “The most knowledgeable Person I have ever met as regards to the fitness industry” I have been able to physically push myself and achieve things that I never thought I would be able to do, from being able to deadlift nearly 3 times my own bodyweight, to being able to complete Martin Rooney’s Mantathalon Challenge with full marks!

As an individual, not only is Paul extremely knowledgeable and experienced, he is very genuine and approachable guy. Being the over enthusiastic young trainer that I am, I probably ask Paul over 20 questions a week regarding training and dieting, and every time without fail my queries are always answered.

So to anyone who has either trained for many years, or who is just beginning, I would recommend you get yourself down to Primal Strength & Conditioning. With the combination of Paul O’brien’s wisdom, the greatest equipment I have ever seen let alone used, and a fantastic almost one big family like atmosphere, there is no goal to high…